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21 Passenger Bus

Although we specialize in active tours we understand that sometimes all you need is a bus ride. We can help.

Our 21 passenger bus is available for charter services throughout the year. We also work with local partners to arrange for limo-bus services as well as coach services for larger groups, saving you the hassle of working with multiple operators to plan your adventure.

Looking to add activities or lodging to your adventure? Let us know and we can take care of all the details for you.

Adventure Details

All charter services include a driver; we do not offer bus rental services. In planning your adventure please keep in mind that we must comply with hours of service regulations. This is for safety reasons and may limit the services we can offer.

Option 1 | 21 Passenger Bus

If you have been on one of our tours before you have most likely been on this bus. It is a 21 passenger bus with forward seating and cargo space. We use it for the majority of our tours and it is available for charters throughout the year.

Our day trip rates start at:

  • 5 hours: $400 including up to 250km
  • 10 hours: $700 including up to 500km

For example, a day trip to Banff will cost approximately $825 for up to 21 guests, plus park fees and gratuities.

Option 2 | Limo-Bus

We work with other Central Alberta operators and can arrange for a variety of limo-buses for your next trip. These are great options for smaller groups with most buses available seating 12 to 24 guests, either with perimeter or forward seating.

Pricing on limo-buses varies depending on the vehicle chosen and level or services required. Most limo-buses are charged at an hourly rate. As an example, a day trip to Banff for up to 18 guests will typically cost $1250 plus park fees and gratuities.

Option 3 | Coach

For larger groups we work with other Alberta operators and can arrange for 46 to 57 passenger coach buses.

Pricing for larger buses is based mostly on how far your want to go. Expect a day trip to Banff to be around $1550, plus park fees and gratuities, for up to 57 guests.

Request a Quote

We just need to hear what you have in mind to get started with planning your adventure. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (403) 986-6190.

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How long of a day can we plan?

For safety reason and to comply with provincial and federal regulations, our maximum driving time is 12 hours per day for charter services. These 12 hours must be within a 14 hour period.

For overnight trips, a minimum of 9 hours off must be planned for each night.

Is liquor permitted on the bus?

Alberta regulations require that a liquor license be purchased if you wish to consume liquor on a bus. After booking your charter services, you must purchase a liquor license from a liquor store. In order to do so you will require a letter from us, which will outline the following conditions:

  • We only allow pre-mixed liquor such as beer or coolers;
  • All beverages must be in their original cans or bottles (plastic only, no glass);
  • Maximum of 3 drinks per person;
  • The person obtaining the license is responsible to ensure that only the allowed number of drinks are brought on the bus. Additional drinks can be stored in the bus cargo area;
  • The person obtaining the license is responsible to ensure compliance with all related laws and regulations;
  • The person obtaining the license is responsible for the safety of the passengers once the final destination is reached;
  • The person obtaining the license is responsible for all damages and clean-up required as a result of the liquor consumption;
  • A damage deposit may be required at the time of requesting the letter to obtain the liquor license. The liquor license must be presented to the driver prior to departure.

Additional rules from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission may apply. Due to provincial regulations, the consumption of liquor while aboard our bus is not allowed in British Columbia.

What are the Canadian guidelines in regards to gratuities??

Gratuities are a recognition of outstanding services and should be determined by the person receiving the services. In the bus industry, a typical gratuity is around $1.50 to $2.50 per person, per day or approximately 10 to 15% of the charter costs.

How are charter pricing calculated?

Pricing will vary based on the distance, driving time, standby time, number of passengers and trip duration. Additional fees such as overnight lodging for the driver and guides, park fees, highway tolls and other fees depending on the type of trip you are planning must also be included. Gratuities, although optional, are much appreciated.

What is the cancellation policy?

For charters & airport shuttles we require a 20% deposit at the time of booking with the full payment due no later than 7 days prior to departure. We understand that things don't always go according to plan and if you need to cancel the following applies:

  • For cancellations 48+ hours prior to departure a credit for the amount paid will be issued for a future adventure.
  • For cancellations within 48 hours of departure a cancellation fee of $500 will be applied (or the total amount paid if less than $500). The balance will be issued as a credit for future adventures.

Our full terms and conditions are available here.