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Charters & Airport Shuttles

These are private group tours organized by Pursuit Adventure & Travel on behalf of an organizer (individual, group, association or corporation) but where Pursuit Adventure & Travel is not responsible for accommodations, tours or activities. This includes charters and airport shuttles booked with Pursuit Adventure & Travel that are provided by a third party operator.

General Terms & Conditions

Our general Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy apply in addition to the specific Terms & Conditions listed below. Please review them carefully.

Fares, Prices and Availability

All fares and prices quoted are subject to availability. Prices are valid until the expiration of the quote. Adventures can be withdrawn without notice. Availability is not confirmed until a deposit has been received and confirmation is provided by Pursuit Adventure & Travel.

Third Party Operators

Some services may be provided by third party operators and will be listed on your quote and/or agreement. The third party operator may have additional terms and conditions which will apply to your booking.


A 20% deposit per booking is required at the time of booking with the balance due a minimum of 7 days prior to departure (actual payment schedule may vary as outlined in your agreement). In the case that the payment schedule is not followed your booking will be cancelled without refunds or credits.

Payment is due upon booking for all adventures departing within 7 days.

Cancellation Policy

The following charges apply:

  • For cancellation 7+days prior to departure a credit for the amount paid will be issued for a future adventure;
  • For cancellations within 7 days of departure a cancellation fee of $500 per day booked will be applied (or the total amount paid if less than $500). The balance will be issued as a credit for future adventures. Credits cannot be applied to balance owing.

For bookings where the services are provided by a third party operator, any cancellations fees charged by the third party operator will be added to the above terms.

Cancellation charges are calculated from the business day the cancellation is received by email or phone. Each situation is unique but unfortunately there are no exception to these charges.

Cancellations by Pursuit Adventure & Travel

In the event that we must cancel your booking, a full refund will be issued.

Weather Delays and Force Majeure

Pursuit Adventure & Travel is not responsible for any additional costs associated with delays due to situations outside of its control, such as weather conditions, highway closures or mechanical issues. Our drivers must comply with the hours of services requirements and as a result of delays an additional night may be required.

In the event that, in our opinion, the trip must be cancelled prior to departure a full refund will be issued.

In the event that, in the opinion of the driver, the itinerary must be changed after departure the following applies:

  • If we return to the pick up location within 4 hours of departure, a credit will be issued for the full amount paid;
  • If an additional night is required, the client is responsible for the driver's extra hotel night. No additional charges apply.

We cannot guarantee arrival times. Due to the potential for delays we recommend that you allow ample time in your itinerary. For airport shuttles we recommend that you plan to be at the airport a minimum of 2 hours prior to your flight. We are not responsible for any cost or liability incurred as a result of delays.

Itinerary Change

All itinerary change request must be made to our customer service representatives prior to departure or to the driver once the trip has started. Itinerary changes, if feasible, may incur additional fees. This includes weather related changes made at the request of the client.

In the event of a flight delay for airport shuttles, the client is responsible to inform us as early as possible. Pursuit Adventure & Travel will wait for up to 3 hours after the scheduled arrival unless prior arrangements are made.


For overnight stays, the client is responsible for providing private accommodation for the driver and/or guide.

Passports, Visas & Insurance

It is the responsibility of all passengers, regardless of nationality and destination to check with the appropriate consulate for current entry requirements.

As entry requirements can change without notice, Pursuit Adventure & Travel recommends that you re-check with the appropriate consulate closer to the departure date.

Pursuit Adventure & Travel strongly recommend that you obtain a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy prior to departure. If you cancel your trip or significantly alter the travel dates many policies will reimburse the cost of cancellation fees and related expenses.

NSF Cheques

A one time $40 charge will be applied to all returned cheques. Returned payments may result in your booking being cancelled without refunds.

GST, Tax and Fees

Unless otherwise stated, GST is not included in our prices. All park fees, tourism levies on accommodation and room taxes are included.

Damage Deposits

The client is responsible for any damages to equipment caused by guests while on our tours.

Undesirable Behaviour

Pursuit Adventure & Travel reserves the right to terminate a client's participation in any activity or tour when he/she engages in behavior that is deemed by its employees to be unsafe for any of the participants (including oneself), causes damages to our property or the property of our suppliers, refuses to sign the required waivers and/or is acting in a way that prevents the other participants from enjoying their tours. In the event that participation is terminated no refunds will be issued and the participant will be responsible for all costs associated with its return to the departure point.


Pursuit Adventure & Travel guides must be notified of all injuries while on tour (whether they happened during a guided activity or not). When required, the guides will assist EMS or the facility's first aid provider. An ambulance will be called if transportation to a hospital is required. The guides will arrange a pickup from the hospital on the way home if possible. If a longer stay is required, the guides will be available to make arrangements for lodging and transportation but the guest will be responsible for all costs associated with these arrangements.


Please contact us if our services did not meet your expectations. Refunds will only be issued at Pursuit Adventure & Travel's discretion, based on written communication received.