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Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

Parks & Protected Areas

Explore Central Alberta's natural areas, from the urban parks of Red Deer to the untouched areas of the Siffleur Wilderness.

Alberta Parks - Canadian Badlands Region

Canadian Badlands

Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park is at the northern end of the Canadian Badlands and in the southeast corner of Central Alberta, making it the perfect gateway between the two regions. Spend some time exploring the park, looking for one of the tallest buffalo jump and for dinosaur fossils.

Alberta Parks - David Thompson Corridor

David Thompson Corridor

Explore a series of parks along Highway 11 from Red Deer to Rocky Mountains. Discover the area's rich history, rugged landscapes and opportunities to get away from the crowds.

Bighorn Backcountry

Bighorn Backcountry

The area often known as the West Country isn't an actual park. It's a series of Public Land Use Zones covering over 5,000 square kilometres of land east of the Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Waskasoo Park

Waskasoo Park

Red Deer's urban park system is home to a variety of activities, from the equestrian focus of Heritage Ranch to the recreation opportunities of Bower Ponds, the tranquil setting of the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary and the bustling off leash dog park at Three Miles Bend.

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