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Maskepetoon Park

Waskasoo Park

Red Deer's urban park system is home to a variety of activities, from the equestrian focus of Heritage Ranch to the recreation opportunities of Bower Ponds, the tranquil setting of the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary and the bustling off leash dog park at Three Miles Bend.

Where some cities preserved section of land by luck or by design, the story of Red Deer's park system is one of reclamation. What now appears as a vast stretch of natural areas in the core of the city once was used for a variety of industrial purposes or even as one of the many garbage dumps in the area. Places like Bower Ponds owe their origin to a sawmill and log ponds, Heritage Ranch's fishing pond is the remnant of a quarry and McKenzie Trails saw a multitude of use from sawmills, the site of a ferry across the river, shooting range, quarry and at one point as a dump.

In the 1970's local residents and groups like the Red Deer River Naturalists started a push for a park system and in the mid-eighties the Waskasoo Park System was born. Today it's become a great place to visit along the river valley, the perfect spot to stretch your legs after a day of meeting and a place to learn about the areas natural history without leaving the city.

One of the larger nodes in the Waskasoo Park system, Heritage Ranch is a great starting point if you're planning to explore the trail system throughout the river valley and a destination on its own with a network of over 20 km of official and informal trails. Located along the river, the area was once used as a quarry and has now been fully reclaimed into an amazing green space.

The Devonian Trails connect a series of smaller parks, from the southern edge of the city to the Red Deer River. The parks follow the Piper Creek and Waskasoo Creek, including Bower Woods, Kin Canyon, Rotary Park, Barrett Park, Coronation Park, Galbraith Park and ending at Gaetz Park along the river. Some of the larger parks along the way include playgrounds and picnic areas, while others provide great areas for a walk or ride in the city.

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