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We're slowly adding options here as we get to experience them first hand. We spend most of our free time tenting throughout the region so you can expect most of our posts to come from that perspective. You'll usually find us at the smaller campgrounds but no matter your preference, from RV Parks to random camping there's an option waiting for you.

Cavalcade is one of the most scenic group campground around. A great basecamp to explore the western parts of David Thompson Country with lots of hiking trails nearby.

The Two O'Clock Creek Campground is one of our favourite in David Thompson Country and the nearby trails offer excellent hiking opportunities. The campground is relatively small and every site offer a great view of the surrounding mountains.

Goldeye Lake is a popular family campground along the David Thompson Highway. Located near the lake, the sites are secluded and offer the classic Alberta Parks camping experience.

You can spend the weekend there, fishing on the lake, renting a canoe from nearby Goldeye Centre or simply enjoying a stroll along its shores. If you're looking for a little more adventure, this makes for a great base camp with Nordegg and Abraham Lake nearby along with a host of hiking trails, historic mine tours and much more to do.

Dry Haven Campground is one of the most rustic campground along the David Thompson Highway. Amenities are few, sites are quite open, there is no water and it is located next to the highway.

While it's probably not the best option as a holiday destination it is great for a quick overnight stay and the communal kitchen shelter is great on a rainy day. This feature has made it worthwhile for us on more than one occasion as we dried up after a day of hiking in the rain. There are nicer nicer campgrounds in the area, including Fish Lake and Goldeye Lake.