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The smoke from earlier in the week had cleared, making it a great day for the July guided hike to Siffleur Falls. The skies were lightly overcast, perfect for some pictures of the canyon along the way.

Campfire pizza is always a favourite.

Pizza might now be the first thing that jumps to mind when planning a camping trip but once you try it'll quickly become a tradition. It only takes a few minutes to put the dough together and the flavours from cooking on the fire will make you want an extra slice.

Lazy mornings when we're camping usually mean pancakes. Adding peaches cooked on the campfire makes it even better.

The David Thompson Highway Hiking Guide by Jane Ross and Daniel Kyba is a great resource to find hiking trails in the western parts of David Thompson Country. It covers the area around Nordegg and Abraham Lake all the way to Banff National Park and the Icefield Parkway.

Foil packs are easy and delicious on any camping trip.

Coming back from a day of hiking quickly put together a few ingredients, wrap it up in foil and place on the fire while you enjoy a little apr├Ęs. Lemon rosemary is one of our kids favourite flavour combination at the moment, making this a popular meal on camping trips and at home.

The smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia and the Verdant Creek fire moved into the Kootenay Plains earlier in the week while we were camping. The hazy skies made it harder to get the mountain photos we were hoping for but give a surreal feel to the area.

The wildflowers were out along the highways and trails, making for some pretty hikes along the way.

This trail is one of the best place in David Thompson Country to start the hiking season. The snow is gone from the valley, yet ice features are still visible in the canyons along the way. Flowers are starting to pop up along the trail and we even came across bighorn sheep grazing in the sun above the Coral Creek canyon, near our lunch spot.

A day filled with exploring Central Alberta communities and learning about things to do in the area. This fast paced tour will take us to a number of attractions where you'll learn about a wide variety of activities for your guests to enjoy on their next visit.

This is a different type of tour than what we've done in past years. We're heading out for a morning walk of downtown, looking at public art and art galleries, getting a chance to get hands-on and maybe a little dirty working on our own masterpiece before heading out into Waskasoo Park for a different type of experience combining art, local cultures and nature.